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Luscious, plump lips, just like a pretty smile, make a great first impression and have become a beauty ideal. If you have naturally thin lips, have lost volume as the years have passed, or have developed fine lines around your lips, we can definitely help. With many years of experience working with facial beauty and facial proportions, we have a keen eye and the ability to solve all those areas of concern.

Smiles of Lombard P.C offers the kind of gentle lip enhancement that leaves patients thrilled. When it comes to lip augmentations, you don’t want to go overboard as that is what leads to people looking unnatural. Our goal is to provide patients with natural looking lips that you can be proud of.

We use all kinds of dermal fillers to add volume the area and get rid of fine lines around the lips. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs and expectations*

There are several reasons to choose dermal fillers for your lips:
They are naturally occurring in your skin hyaluronic acid, so there is minimal chance of an allergic reaction or filler to behave strangely once in your skin.
They are temporary, giving you an option to experiment with the results you love. *
They are subtle, giving you natural looking and feeling lips that you will be proud of. *
No down time after procedure you can immediately return to your regular tasks.
Improvements are (usually) noticeable immediately after procedure with final results within 2 weeks.

We are very excited about sharing all the knowledge with you about this procedure!
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* Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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