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Non surgical PDO threads

Face lift and sugar smooth threads face, neck and lips rejuvenation.

What is it?

Thread-lifts are are one of the newest approaches to non surgical facial tightening that are less invasive,less painful, have shorter recovery time and are less expensive.

PDO Lifting threads provide instant face lift when specially design collagen threads are inserted into deeper skin. The most significant effect of the treatment however usually appear a few weeks post-procedure when more collagen bundles around each PDO thread. As they dissolve over next few months they stimulate body to naturally produce collagen with results of lift lasting up to 2 years. PDO lifting threads are best combined with fillers like Juvederm that restore lost volume and cause additional collagen stimulation depending on aesthetic needs.

Procedure is done under local anesthetic within 1-2 hours in our office.
Minimal side effects are expected after PDO Thread Lift, as after any medical procedure.Most patients report mild pain,swelling ,bruising or numbness that usually subsides in a few days. No strenuous activities for at least 2 weeks.

Who is a good candidate?
Anybody with good skin quality, mild to moderate skin sagging and realistic expectations since it is not a replacement to the traditional face lift. Results might vary depending on skin laxity and amount of the excess skin. Prior consultation is necessary to determine whether thread lift is right for a candidate. Person with very thin skin, little or too much underlying fat, excessive sagging skin are not a good candidates.

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